“Tapping the Source” When Finding Pathways Forward

Terrell Herring pic

Terrell Herring
Image: alamopharmaservices.com

Based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Terrell “Terry” Herring guides commercial operations with Mission Pharmacal Company and serves as Alamo Pharma Services president. Community involved, Terrell Herring serves on the board of the nonprofit A New Equilibrium (ANE), which provides leadership guidance that is effective and spiritually motivated.

Comprised of business and community leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, ANE maintains integrity as a core value. This implies an unwavering commitment to following the right path for the right reasons. As detailed on the organization’s website, part of this approach involves practicing affirmations which include prayer and intentionally setting oneself on courses that maximize potential.

This process of “tapping the source” often involves distilling one’s true motivations and intentions. For example, one ANE member had to make numerous phone calls regarding her career future and felt overwhelmed. The key to resolving her stressful situation involved stopping to take stock and stating deliberately, “show me the pathways.” This moment of earnest reflection led to a face coming to mind and the phone conversation that ensued proved productive. This in turn led to a number of other positive phone interactions and an easing of career-related worries.

Terry Herring is also active with nonprofits such as the March of Dimes and March for Babies, and was recognized as a 2007 Big Brother of the Year.