Bridging the Gap Africa Works with Kenyan Communities to Build Bridges

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Bridging the Gap

Since 2010, Terrell Herring has worked as president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal, a pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2011, he has simultaneously served as president of the Doylestown, Pennsylvania-based Mission Pharmacal affiliate Alamo Pharma Services. Outside of his professional life, Terrell Herring supports organizations including Bridging the Gap Africa, where he serves on the board of directors.

Bridging the Gap Africa (BtGA) is a nonprofit organization that helps rural communities in Kenya build footbridges to cross otherwise impassable rivers. The organization’s founders recognized that the impossibility of crossing dangerous floodwaters often prevented rural Kenyans from getting life-saving support, access to educational facilities, and transport to the market to sell their crops.

Through BtGA, the footbridge recipients are involved in each step of the bridge-building process. The community begins by seeking BtGA’s assistance. BtGA then works with the community to incorporate volunteers into the project, gathering materials and raising a portion of the costs. BtGA provides financial assistance as well as technical expertise, overseeing the community’s construction of the footbridge. Once complete, the community claims ownership of the bridge through a formal ceremony that includes singing, speeches, food, and gifts.

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