Helping Communities Help Themselves at Bridging the Gap Africa

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Bridging the Gap

The president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring also lends his time and expertise to charitable undertakings. Terrell Herring serves on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization, Bridging the Gap Africa (BtGA).

BtGA assists local communities in building footbridges across dangerous rivers in rural areas of Kenya. These footbridges have a powerful positive impact in the local communities. Aside from allowing for safe river passage, preventing drowning, and providing an unimpeded route to schools and health care centers, they also improve economic activity.

Just as important, BtGA helps communities help themselves. Local communities must initiate their own bridge undertaking by requesting assistance from BtGA. While the nonprofit provides financial and technical support in building a safe footbridge, the local community must raise a portion of the footbridge cost and enlist volunteer labor for rock and sand gathering to be used for the bridge footings. After project completion, ownership of the bridge is turned over to the local community.

BtGA Golf Classic Events

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BtGA Golf Classic Events

When not leading Mission Pharmacal Company and its subsidiaries, Terrell Herring serves on the board of directors for Bridging the Gap Africa, a nonprofit organization that builds footbridges across dangerous rivers in rural Kenya. Through efforts like those of Terrell Herring, Kenyans receive safer access to important social services such as health care and education.

One of the programs that helps Bridging the Gap Africa meet its fundraising goals and improve the lives of people in eastern Africa is its golf tournament series. The organization hosts two major golf events in September and October. The first is the BtGA Golf Classic, which is set at the Jericho National Golf Club in the greater Philadelphia area. The second, three weeks later, is the BtGA Charity Golf Classic, set at Cumming, Georgia’s Polo Golf & Country Club. Sponsored by several pharmaceutical, energy, and food companies, these events include the use of practice facilities, meals, beverages, door prizes, and the round of golf.