BBBS Program Aims to Ease Tension between Police and Community

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America pic

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Terrell Herring received his bachelor’s degree in biology with high honors from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. He has since built a career as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, and is currently the president of Mission Pharmacal Company, based in San Antonio, Texas. Outside of work, Terrell Herring, also known as Terry, actively engages in charitable activities, and in the past he has served on the board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS).

In existence for over a century, BBBS is one of the country’s oldest mentoring organizations. Founded on the belief that all children have the potential to succeed in life, the organization matches a child aged six to 18 years with an adult volunteer mentor, who strives to provide the child with a strong role model. Through the years, this program has changed the lives of thousands.

In recent years, BBBS developed Bigs in Blue, a mentoring program that aims to improve relationships between police forces and the communities they serve. The program provides an opportunity for police officer volunteers to interact with a child for 30 minutes to an hour each week at the child’s school. BBBS president Pam Iorio claims that under current conditions, the presence of a police officer is immediately associated with arrest; the Bigs in Blue program aims to change this perception by helping children see police officers as friends rather than adversaries.

In order to expand the project to affiliates across the country, the BBBS has set a fundraising goal of $5 million. To learn more or to donate, visit


Mission Pharmacal Company’s Long-Term Care Initiatives and Products

Mission Pharmacal Company pic

Mission Pharmacal Company

The recipient of graduate certificates in project design and international marketing, Terrell “Terry” Herring brings nearly 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to Mission Pharmacal Company through his position as president of commercial operations. Under Terry Herring’s guidance, the company has expanded its product reach to include long-term care providers for residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Mission launched its long-term care plan in 2014 featuring four proven products designed to enhance the comfort, compliance, and dignity of nursing home patients. In addition to a small calcium and vitamin D supplement, Mission also partnered with a company offering an effervescent tablet for oral consumption which increases bone mass and helps treat osteoporosis.

The other two products come in the form of spray bottles, one of which requires a prescription and is used orally to provide relief from dry mouth. Finally, the company offers a zinc oxide spray which provides relief from incontinence associated dermatitis as well as resulting discomfort, illness, and pressure ulcers. Mission continues to seek out and develop unique long-term care products through partnerships with healthcare professionals.

Analogies between Winning and Losing in Business and Sports



Based in Pennsylvania, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring serves as the president of the Mission Family of Companies and guides affiliated firms such as Alamo Pharma Services, Epic Fulfillment, and BioComp Pharmaceuticals. Having held leadership positions with the Doylestown Presbyterian Church, Terrell Herring is also a member of the Board of A New Equilibrium (ANE), a nonprofit that focuses on issues confronting business leaders and their spiritual dimensions.

A recent ANE article at focuses on the “March Madness” competition, in which numerous collegiate basketball teams vie for a National Championship that only one can obtain. Business is a lot like basketball competition in that the rewards at the end do not occur without scaling, maintaining, second-guessing, retrenching, and starting anew. On a quarter-to-quarter basis, the “lead” changes and new plans supplant old strategies for attaining objectives. Employees may need to be “benched” when they fail to perform, and new “stars” may step up in the clutch and take the team through crunch time.

An important aspect to remember is that the competition itself drives basketball action, not just the team that is ultimately crowned the victor. An analogy to this is in Holy Week, when the celebration of Easter doesn’t occur without first passing through the despair of Good Friday. In the end, God wants our earnest success, but victory comes only at the last buzzer. In the meantime, it is vitally important to play each possession to the utmost when vying for the prize.

Philadelphia Flyers Add Highly-Touted College Free Agent

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Michael Vecchione

A magna cum laude biology graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, Terrell “Terry” Herring serves as president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal. An avid sports fan, Terrell “Terry” Herring supports the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Philadelphia Flyers.

Seeking to bolster its organizational depth through college free agency, the Flyers signed Union College forward Michael Vecchione in March. A native of Massachusetts, Vecchione played for the United States Hockey League’s Tri-City Storm from 2011-13 but went undrafted in the NHL. Through four seasons with Union, however, he recorded 71 goals and 105 assists, making him the college’s all-time leading scorer.

A Hobey Baker finalist as the top player in the NCAA, Vecchione posted career highs in goals and assists in 2016-17 with 29 and 34 respectively. He was considered one of the top available college free agents and, just four days after signing with Philadelphia, made his NHL debut in a game against the New Jersey Devils.

The Mission of A New Equilibrium

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Terrell Herring


For more than 20 years, Terrell Herring has been a thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He brings that experience to his roles as the president of Alamo Pharma Services, Inc, and president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company. Moreover, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring serves on the Board of Directors of A New Equilibrium, an organization devoted to developing the next generation of skilled leaders.

A New Equilibrium provides a space where leaders from various life paths and careers can bring a greater sense of meaning into their lives and learn how to manage their time better. This is accomplished by working together in a community to establish a deeper connection with one’s core values. Toward that end, A New Equilibrium has four main pillars that guide its operation.

– Each person has a unique system of core values and beliefs that comprise the fundamental aspects of his or her identity.

– People achieve better outcomes in their lives by relying on their core values and beliefs to help those around them. This practice is referred to as spiritual engagement.

– A focused, thoughtful effort is required to leverage leadership principles to achieve results over an extended period. This value is described as using intentional leadership tools.

– By taking part in A New Equilibrium community, people can connect with and draw strength from like-minded individuals to achieve their individual goals.

March of Dimes Focuses on Children with Zika-Related Defects

March of Dimes


Terrell Herring serves as the president of Alamo Pharma Services, Inc., in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. A committed philanthropist, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring has provided considerable support to March of Dimes and its efforts to end birth defects.

In early March, a government report showed that brain abnormalities and microcephaly had occurred in 33 times more births in the United States since the arrival of Zika. The virus has serious consequences for pregnant women and their children, which has fueled March of Dimes to take new steps toward preventing and treating Zika infections.

The organization has teamed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to undertake a coordinated effort against Zika. The partnership involves the creation of a website where families affected by Zika can find specialized care, as well as continuing education for nurses about Zika. March of Dimes will also create Zika prevention kits for new mothers in Puerto Rico. These kits include mosquito nets, clothing, and tips for preventing infection.

March of Dimes considers it critical for women who are pregnant and those who may become pregnant to understand how to prevent Zika. The organization has increased its social media presence to field questions related to baby health and Zika.

Canadian School Embraces Bridging the Gap Initiative

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Bridging the Gap

A magna cum laude graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, where he studied biology, Terrell (Terry) Herring serves as president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal Company as well as president of its sales services subsidiary company, Alamo Pharma Services. Twice named to PharmaVOICE magazine’s list of 100 most inspiring people, Terrell Herring is a board member for Bridging the Gap Africa.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to building bridges in rural areas of Kenya, Bridging the Gap Africa’s main objective is to provide ease of access to vital services such as healthcare and education. With supportive partners worldwide, the organization focuses on advocacy in raising money for the organization’s portfolio of projects.

Recently, a Canadian school in Kitchener, Ontario, organized a fundraising initiative in which educators experienced similar challenges faced by students in the Central Pokot region of Kenya. Anna Lucas and her Sheppard Public School teaching partners, in response to stories of Kenyan students making long treks through rivers to school, crossed the Grand River in their hometown and then completed a six kilometer hike to class in October 2016. The teachers have since engaged their school in fundraising initiatives for Bridging the Gap Africa.