Canadian School Embraces Bridging the Gap Initiative

Bridging the Gap pic

Bridging the Gap

A magna cum laude graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, where he studied biology, Terrell (Terry) Herring serves as president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal Company as well as president of its sales services subsidiary company, Alamo Pharma Services. Twice named to PharmaVOICE magazine’s list of 100 most inspiring people, Terrell Herring is a board member for Bridging the Gap Africa.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to building bridges in rural areas of Kenya, Bridging the Gap Africa’s main objective is to provide ease of access to vital services such as healthcare and education. With supportive partners worldwide, the organization focuses on advocacy in raising money for the organization’s portfolio of projects.

Recently, a Canadian school in Kitchener, Ontario, organized a fundraising initiative in which educators experienced similar challenges faced by students in the Central Pokot region of Kenya. Anna Lucas and her Sheppard Public School teaching partners, in response to stories of Kenyan students making long treks through rivers to school, crossed the Grand River in their hometown and then completed a six kilometer hike to class in October 2016. The teachers have since engaged their school in fundraising initiatives for Bridging the Gap Africa.

Pharmaceutical Commercialization Capabilities of BioComp Pharma

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Terrell Herring

Terrell “Terry” Herring is a pharmaceutical executive and philanthropist that holds graduate certificates from Duke University and the Mercer University School of Engineering. Currently, Terrell Herring serves as president of Mission Pharmacal in Texas, and is heavily involved in the Mission Family of Companies, which includes BioComp Pharmaceuticals.

BioComp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mission Pharmacal Company, focused on the commercialization of prescription generic drug products. The company has its headquarters in San Antonio, and a commercial office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. BioComp was launched by Mission in February 2009 to offer generic products sourced through a variety of avenues: authorized generic opportunities, externally-sourced generics, and an internal R&D program. The company works with a variety of partners to distribute its’ products to the people who need them most: the patient.

In addition to the development and sourcing of its own generic pharmaceutical products, BioComp also offers a range of services that can successfully bring other generic pharmaceuticals to market. These commercialization offerings include labeling, packaging, warehousing and distribution. Moreover, the firm maintains business side services that include accounting, sales, and electronic data interchange capabilities. These service offerings are available to clients in the form of a comprehensive turnkey solution or as a la carte options.

The ASAP Global Alliance Summit


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Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

Terrell Herring, who often goes by Terry, is a pharmaceutical industry executive that currently serves as the president of Alamo Pharma Services and Mission Pharmacal. A highly resourceful professional, Terrell Herring is an expert on leveraging partnerships for mutual beneficial success, and was invited to speak at the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) Global Alliance Summit on the topic.

A nonprofit organization, ASAP is a professional membership organization founded in 1998 that represents individuals working to form and maintain strategic alliances and partnerships. ASAP currently maintains a membership base of over 2,500 individuals from nearly 40 different countries.

The Global Alliance Summit is an annual event hosted by ASAP. The event is the leading networking forum and professional gathering for individuals that work to build partnerships and maintain strategic alliances. In addition to educational content and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, the event features expert speakers and a new theme each year. For example, the 2016 event will focus on the theme of Partnering Everywhere: Expert Leadership for the Ecosystem.

“Tapping the Source” When Finding Pathways Forward

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Terrell Herring

Based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Terrell “Terry” Herring guides commercial operations with Mission Pharmacal Company and serves as Alamo Pharma Services president. Community involved, Terrell Herring serves on the board of the nonprofit A New Equilibrium (ANE), which provides leadership guidance that is effective and spiritually motivated.

Comprised of business and community leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, ANE maintains integrity as a core value. This implies an unwavering commitment to following the right path for the right reasons. As detailed on the organization’s website, part of this approach involves practicing affirmations which include prayer and intentionally setting oneself on courses that maximize potential.

This process of “tapping the source” often involves distilling one’s true motivations and intentions. For example, one ANE member had to make numerous phone calls regarding her career future and felt overwhelmed. The key to resolving her stressful situation involved stopping to take stock and stating deliberately, “show me the pathways.” This moment of earnest reflection led to a face coming to mind and the phone conversation that ensued proved productive. This in turn led to a number of other positive phone interactions and an easing of career-related worries.

Terry Herring is also active with nonprofits such as the March of Dimes and March for Babies, and was recognized as a 2007 Big Brother of the Year.

The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices

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Manufacturing Practices

In addition to serving as president of commercial operations for San Antonio-based Mission Pharmacal Company (“Mission”), Terrell “Terry” Herring is the of Alamo Pharma Services in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Herring’s duties at Mission revolve around producing pharmaceuticals in full compliance with all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Concerned with all aspects of drug manufacturing, processing, and packaging, CGMP regulations demand on-site inspections of pharmaceutical facilities and the examination of the methodology and controls that each pharmaceutical facility has in place. The FDA demands CGMP compliance reviews as part of its approval process for all new drug and generic drug marketing applications.

In order to encourage the use of modern technologies and drive industry innovation, CGMP requirements are designed to be somewhat flexible. This flexibility allows each manufacturer to achieve higher quality through continual improvement. As long as manufacturers employ scientifically sound operational principles, they have a great deal of leeway when developing facility processing structure and testing procedures.

BtGA Golf Classic Events

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BtGA Golf Classic Events

When not leading Mission Pharmacal Company and its subsidiaries, Terrell Herring serves on the board of directors for Bridging the Gap Africa, a nonprofit organization that builds footbridges across dangerous rivers in rural Kenya. Through efforts like those of Terrell Herring, Kenyans receive safer access to important social services such as health care and education.

One of the programs that helps Bridging the Gap Africa meet its fundraising goals and improve the lives of people in eastern Africa is its golf tournament series. The organization hosts two major golf events in September and October. The first is the BtGA Golf Classic, which is set at the Jericho National Golf Club in the greater Philadelphia area. The second, three weeks later, is the BtGA Charity Golf Classic, set at Cumming, Georgia’s Polo Golf & Country Club. Sponsored by several pharmaceutical, energy, and food companies, these events include the use of practice facilities, meals, beverages, door prizes, and the round of golf.