Mission Pharmacal’s Legal Team Awarded for Creative Musical Program

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Mission Pharmacal Company
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Pennsylvania resident Terrell “Terry” Herring is an award-winning pharmaceutical executive with years of experience equipping healthcare providers with prescription medication. Since 2010, Terrell Herring has served as president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company (Mission).

Mission’s chief legal counsel, Lee Cusenbary, along with several other members of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) South/Central Texas Chapter, recently gained national recognition for their annual production Ethics Follies. On October 17, 2017, the Ethics Follies production team was awarded the ACC Outstanding Chapter Achievement Award for Innovative Programming due to their unique approach to delivering ethics training.

Conceptualized in 2003 by Cusenbary, Ethics Follies are musical comedy parodies of Broadway shows and hit songs. Each production highlights a series of current and relavent business ethics issues through reworkings of familiar musical numbers. Produced by the ACC South/Central Texas Chapter, these productions are often used by professionals across the globe to teach business ethics. Popular past parodies include Mia Culpa and Scamalot.

With the support of Mission, Ethics Follies just completed its 12th production with performances in both San Antonio and Whippany, New Jersey. The musicals have done far more than simply teach business ethics. Performances have been used as a platform to help raise funds for good causes. To date, Ethics Follies has raised more than $400,000 to provide free legal services to people in need in Texas. Proceeds from the 2017 New Jersey performance on November 10 were dedicated to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.

PharmaVOICE’s Red Jacket Honors Industry’s Best


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Building on decades of work in the pharmaceutical industry, Terrell Herring serves Mission Pharmacal as commercial operations president. In addition, he fulfills the responsibilities of president of its subsidiary firm Alamo Pharma Services. Terrell Herring is the recipient of a 2017 Red Jacket, the highest honor bestowed by the trade industry publication PharmaVOICE.

In 2014, the magazine celebrated 10 years of its PharmaVOICE 100, in which it names the most successful, effective, and inspiring executives in the field. That year, its leadership created the ultimate honor, the Red Jacket, to acknowledge those who have served the industry with special distinction. The award serves, in effect, as a hall of fame for pharmaceutical executives. Only individuals who have previously earned a ranking on the PharmaVOICE 100 are eligible.

After appearances on the publication’s 100 lists in 2007 and 2008, Mr. Herring was one of only seven people in his industry distinguished with the Red Jacket in 2017. In presenting him with this award, PharmaVOICE noted in particular his effectiveness in fostering collaborative and respectful working relationships, as well as his solutions-focused approach.

The Red Jacket award’s creators emphasize their goal of promoting greater vision, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking throughout their market sector.

BexR’s Value Offerings Attract Companies outside Pharmaceuticals

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An experienced executive in the pharmaceutical industry, Terrell “Terry” Herring has provided crucial operational guidance to support America’s private healthcare sector. Since 2010, Terrell Herring has served as the president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company, the parent company of BexR Logistix, a third party logistics provider that’s steadily expanding its foothold in the country.

BexR is based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and operates a distribution facility in Boerne, Texas, and a telesales center in Broomfield, Colorado. BexR originally provided warehousing, telesales, distribution, and logistical support to companies in the pharmaceutical industry. However, because of the industry’s increasing regulatory requirements and sophisticated standards, BexR has grown to offer additional services including:

– Secure storage featuring environmental control of humidity and temperature

– High-tech warehouse inventory and end-to-end supply chain management that features an online portal for real-time tracking 

– Regulatory compliance guidance

– Accounting and financial support

BexR’s growing list of service offerings has seen it attract more companies, including some operating outside of pharmaceuticals. They include providers of golf equipment, tricycles, fly fishing equipment, yoga gear, wooden puzzles, hair care products, and sunscreen.

Pharmaceutical Executive and Company Support March for Babies


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March for Babies
Image: marchforbabies.org

Terrell Herring, an executive for both Mission Pharmacal based in San Antonio, Texas and its subsidiary Alamo Pharma Services, extends his professional interest in healthcare to charitable activities outside of work. As commercial operations president at Mission Pharmacal and as a private citizen, Terrell Herring supports the March of Dimes Foundation® and its signature fundraiser, March for Babies. As a corporate sponsor, Mission Pharmacal commits time and money to support the March of Dimes Foundation’s mission to give babies a healthy start.

This year, Mission Pharmacal kicked off its March for Babies fundraising campaign in February, culminating with a march in San Antonio in mid-May. According to its website, the March of Dimes Foundation carries out its mission through research, education, and community service programs nationwide. Mission Pharmacal partners with the Foundation to raise awareness among women about the importance of folic acid intake before and during pregnancy to prevent birth defects of the brain and spine. As a March of Dimes Foundation partner the past eight years, Mission Pharmacal has raised more than $2.1 million for its initiatives.

Mission Pharmacal Company – Glyderm


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Currently serving as the president of Alamo Pharma Services in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Terrell “Terry” Herring oversees the marketing and growth of the company. Terrell “Terry” Herring also serves as the current president of commercial operations for San Antonio-based Mission Pharmacal Company (Mission), where he manages the daily operations and determines which healthcare products the company needs to promote.

Started in 1946, Mission was established to help improve family lives with high-quality, innovative products that include over-the-counter drugs along with prescription medications. Mission is well-known for its healthcare products dealing with dermatology and women’s health.

Mission produces a number of healthcare products across several therapeutic areas including urology, pediatrics, and women’s health. Mission also has several wholly-owned subsidiaries including Alamo Pharma Services, BioComp Pharma, BexR Logistix, EPIC Fulfillment, ProSolus, and Espada Dermatology. Espada offers both prescription and non-prescription products including Glyderm, a skincare product that helps skin texture look healthier and younger. Glyderm comes in a variety of applications, ranging from face cleanser and mist to hand, body, and face lotion.

Mission Pharmacal Company’s Long-Term Care Initiatives and Products

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Mission Pharmacal Company
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The recipient of graduate certificates in project design and international marketing, Terrell “Terry” Herring brings nearly 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to Mission Pharmacal Company through his position as president of commercial operations. Under Terry Herring’s guidance, the company has expanded its product reach to include long-term care providers for residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Mission launched its long-term care plan in 2014 featuring four proven products designed to enhance the comfort, compliance, and dignity of nursing home patients. In addition to a small calcium and vitamin D supplement, Mission also partnered with a company offering an effervescent tablet for oral consumption which increases bone mass and helps treat osteoporosis.

The other two products come in the form of spray bottles, one of which requires a prescription and is used orally to provide relief from dry mouth. Finally, the company offers a zinc oxide spray which provides relief from incontinence associated dermatitis as well as resulting discomfort, illness, and pressure ulcers. Mission continues to seek out and develop unique long-term care products through partnerships with healthcare professionals.

The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices

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Manufacturing Practices
Image: fda.gov

In addition to serving as president of commercial operations for San Antonio-based Mission Pharmacal Company (“Mission”), Terrell “Terry” Herring is the of Alamo Pharma Services in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Herring’s duties at Mission revolve around producing pharmaceuticals in full compliance with all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Concerned with all aspects of drug manufacturing, processing, and packaging, CGMP regulations demand on-site inspections of pharmaceutical facilities and the examination of the methodology and controls that each pharmaceutical facility has in place. The FDA demands CGMP compliance reviews as part of its approval process for all new drug and generic drug marketing applications.

In order to encourage the use of modern technologies and drive industry innovation, CGMP requirements are designed to be somewhat flexible. This flexibility allows each manufacturer to achieve higher quality through continual improvement. As long as manufacturers employ scientifically sound operational principles, they have a great deal of leeway when developing facility processing structure and testing procedures.