Bridging the Gap Africa Works with Kenyan Communities to Build Bridges

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Bridging the Gap

Since 2010, Terrell Herring has worked as president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal, a pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2011, he has simultaneously served as president of the Doylestown, Pennsylvania-based Mission Pharmacal affiliate Alamo Pharma Services. Outside of his professional life, Terrell Herring supports organizations including Bridging the Gap Africa, where he serves on the board of directors.

Bridging the Gap Africa (BtGA) is a nonprofit organization that helps rural communities in Kenya build footbridges to cross otherwise impassable rivers. The organization’s founders recognized that the impossibility of crossing dangerous floodwaters often prevented rural Kenyans from getting life-saving support, access to educational facilities, and transport to the market to sell their crops.

Through BtGA, the footbridge recipients are involved in each step of the bridge-building process. The community begins by seeking BtGA’s assistance. BtGA then works with the community to incorporate volunteers into the project, gathering materials and raising a portion of the costs. BtGA provides financial assistance as well as technical expertise, overseeing the community’s construction of the footbridge. Once complete, the community claims ownership of the bridge through a formal ceremony that includes singing, speeches, food, and gifts.

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Helping Communities Help Themselves at Bridging the Gap Africa

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Bridging the Gap

The president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring also lends his time and expertise to charitable undertakings. Terrell Herring serves on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization, Bridging the Gap Africa (BtGA).

BtGA assists local communities in building footbridges across dangerous rivers in rural areas of Kenya. These footbridges have a powerful positive impact in the local communities. Aside from allowing for safe river passage, preventing drowning, and providing an unimpeded route to schools and health care centers, they also improve economic activity.

Just as important, BtGA helps communities help themselves. Local communities must initiate their own bridge undertaking by requesting assistance from BtGA. While the nonprofit provides financial and technical support in building a safe footbridge, the local community must raise a portion of the footbridge cost and enlist volunteer labor for rock and sand gathering to be used for the bridge footings. After project completion, ownership of the bridge is turned over to the local community.

March of Dimes Partners with CDC to Help Newborns Exposed to Drugs

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March of Dimes

In addition to his work as is president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company, Terrell Herring takes an active role in a number of the company’s subsidiaries, including Alamo Pharma Services, BioComp Pharmaceuticals, and ProSolus Pharma. In addition, Terrell Herring is involved in the Mission Family of Companies’ support of the March of Dimes, an organization that works to reduce premature birth rates.

Recently, the March of Dimes teamed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to improve health for children exposed to drugs before birth. The partnership will look at Vermont, Illinois, and New Mexico, the three states with the highest incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), to evaluate the services that these children most need in their first months of life. When infants start their lives in withdrawal, they face a number of challenges. Understanding their needs can help ensure recovery.

In addition, these three states will gain valuable insight on why so many babies are being born exposed to drugs in the neonatal environment. This awareness could help create new programs and resources for women who are pregnant. Both organizations hope that the lessons learned in these three states will help other mothers and children across the nation.v

BBBSA’s Bigs in Blue Initiative

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Bigs in Blue Initiative

The president of Alamo Pharma Services and the president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company, Terrell “Terry” Herring leverages his extensive business leadership experience in his work. Further, Terrell Herring is a former trustee for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA), which awarded him the honor of Big Brother of the Year in 2007.

The BBBSA is a nonprofit organization that matches underserved children, which it names “Littles,” with adult mentors, named “Bigs,” who can provide children with guidance and advice relating to their lives and circumstances. Among the numerous initiatives that the BBBSA manages is the Bigs in Blue campaign, which offers Littles the opportunity to connect with law enforcement officers in their communities and learn more about what police do and how they can help. Through the campaign, the BBBSA hopes to foster stronger relationships between children, families, and the law enforcement professionals who serve them.

The BBBSA’s current goal is to expand the Bigs in Blue campaign so it becomes operational in at least one-third of its 300 affiliate locations throughout the United States. To achieve this aim BBBSA hopes to raise $5 million, which it will distribute to affiliates in the form of grants for program development.

BBBS Program Aims to Ease Tension between Police and Community

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Terrell Herring received his bachelor’s degree in biology with high honors from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina. He has since built a career as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, and is currently the president of Mission Pharmacal Company, based in San Antonio, Texas. Outside of work, Terrell Herring, also known as Terry, actively engages in charitable activities, and in the past he has served on the board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS).

In existence for over a century, BBBS is one of the country’s oldest mentoring organizations. Founded on the belief that all children have the potential to succeed in life, the organization matches a child aged six to 18 years with an adult volunteer mentor, who strives to provide the child with a strong role model. Through the years, this program has changed the lives of thousands.

In recent years, BBBS developed Bigs in Blue, a mentoring program that aims to improve relationships between police forces and the communities they serve. The program provides an opportunity for police officer volunteers to interact with a child for 30 minutes to an hour each week at the child’s school. BBBS president Pam Iorio claims that under current conditions, the presence of a police officer is immediately associated with arrest; the Bigs in Blue program aims to change this perception by helping children see police officers as friends rather than adversaries.

In order to expand the project to affiliates across the country, the BBBS has set a fundraising goal of $5 million. To learn more or to donate, visit

Canadian School Embraces Bridging the Gap Initiative

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Bridging the Gap

A magna cum laude graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, where he studied biology, Terrell (Terry) Herring serves as president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal Company as well as president of its sales services subsidiary company, Alamo Pharma Services. Twice named to PharmaVOICE magazine’s list of 100 most inspiring people, Terrell Herring is a board member for Bridging the Gap Africa.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to building bridges in rural areas of Kenya, Bridging the Gap Africa’s main objective is to provide ease of access to vital services such as healthcare and education. With supportive partners worldwide, the organization focuses on advocacy in raising money for the organization’s portfolio of projects.

Recently, a Canadian school in Kitchener, Ontario, organized a fundraising initiative in which educators experienced similar challenges faced by students in the Central Pokot region of Kenya. Anna Lucas and her Sheppard Public School teaching partners, in response to stories of Kenyan students making long treks through rivers to school, crossed the Grand River in their hometown and then completed a six kilometer hike to class in October 2016. The teachers have since engaged their school in fundraising initiatives for Bridging the Gap Africa.