Immuno-Oncology Shows Promise for Cancer Treatment


The president of Alamo Pharma Services and the president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal, Terrell (Terry) Herring has decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Alongside his work with these companies, Terrell Herring serves on the advisory board for BioAgilytix.

Through an extensive team of scientists and quality assurance professionals, BioAgilytix seeks innovative solutions for the cure and treatment of disease. In particular, the company targets the eradication of cancer through its research in the field of immuno-oncology.

Focused on assisting the immune system in the elimination of cancerous cells, immuno-oncology began in the early 1900s. Since then, studies have continued to show how effectively the immune system can eliminate tumors.

Although still a relatively new area of study, immuno-oncology offers hope of targeted cancer treatment replacing current practices such as chemotherapy. Promising examples for immunotherapy include sending monoclonal antibodies to attack cancer-specific antigens and employing certain molecules that inhibit the growth of specific lymphocytes surface markers.