Analogies between Winning and Losing in Business and Sports



Based in Pennsylvania, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring serves as the president of the Mission Family of Companies and guides affiliated firms such as Alamo Pharma Services, Epic Fulfillment, and BioComp Pharmaceuticals. Having held leadership positions with the Doylestown Presbyterian Church, Terrell Herring is also a member of the Board of A New Equilibrium (ANE), a nonprofit that focuses on issues confronting business leaders and their spiritual dimensions.

A recent ANE article at focuses on the “March Madness” competition, in which numerous collegiate basketball teams vie for a National Championship that only one can obtain. Business is a lot like basketball competition in that the rewards at the end do not occur without scaling, maintaining, second-guessing, retrenching, and starting anew. On a quarter-to-quarter basis, the “lead” changes and new plans supplant old strategies for attaining objectives. Employees may need to be “benched” when they fail to perform, and new “stars” may step up in the clutch and take the team through crunch time.

An important aspect to remember is that the competition itself drives basketball action, not just the team that is ultimately crowned the victor. An analogy to this is in Holy Week, when the celebration of Easter doesn’t occur without first passing through the despair of Good Friday. In the end, God wants our earnest success, but victory comes only at the last buzzer. In the meantime, it is vitally important to play each possession to the utmost when vying for the prize.