The Mission of A New Equilibrium

Terrell Herring pic

Terrell Herring


For more than 20 years, Terrell Herring has been a thought leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He brings that experience to his roles as the president of Alamo Pharma Services, Inc, and president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company. Moreover, Terrell (“Terry”) Herring serves on the Board of Directors of A New Equilibrium, an organization devoted to developing the next generation of skilled leaders.

A New Equilibrium provides a space where leaders from various life paths and careers can bring a greater sense of meaning into their lives and learn how to manage their time better. This is accomplished by working together in a community to establish a deeper connection with one’s core values. Toward that end, A New Equilibrium has four main pillars that guide its operation.

– Each person has a unique system of core values and beliefs that comprise the fundamental aspects of his or her identity.

– People achieve better outcomes in their lives by relying on their core values and beliefs to help those around them. This practice is referred to as spiritual engagement.

– A focused, thoughtful effort is required to leverage leadership principles to achieve results over an extended period. This value is described as using intentional leadership tools.

– By taking part in A New Equilibrium community, people can connect with and draw strength from like-minded individuals to achieve their individual goals.