Canadian School Embraces Bridging the Gap Initiative

Bridging the Gap pic

Bridging the Gap

A magna cum laude graduate of The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina, where he studied biology, Terrell (Terry) Herring serves as president of commercial operations for Mission Pharmacal Company as well as president of its sales services subsidiary company, Alamo Pharma Services. Twice named to PharmaVOICE magazine’s list of 100 most inspiring people, Terrell Herring is a board member for Bridging the Gap Africa.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to building bridges in rural areas of Kenya, Bridging the Gap Africa’s main objective is to provide ease of access to vital services such as healthcare and education. With supportive partners worldwide, the organization focuses on advocacy in raising money for the organization’s portfolio of projects.

Recently, a Canadian school in Kitchener, Ontario, organized a fundraising initiative in which educators experienced similar challenges faced by students in the Central Pokot region of Kenya. Anna Lucas and her Sheppard Public School teaching partners, in response to stories of Kenyan students making long treks through rivers to school, crossed the Grand River in their hometown and then completed a six kilometer hike to class in October 2016. The teachers have since engaged their school in fundraising initiatives for Bridging the Gap Africa.