Pharmaceutical Commercialization Capabilities of BioComp Pharma

Terrell Herring pic

Terrell Herring

Terrell “Terry” Herring is a pharmaceutical executive and philanthropist that holds graduate certificates from Duke University and the Mercer University School of Engineering. Currently, Terrell Herring serves as president of Mission Pharmacal in Texas, and is heavily involved in the Mission Family of Companies, which includes BioComp Pharmaceuticals.

BioComp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mission Pharmacal Company, focused on the commercialization of prescription generic drug products. The company has its headquarters in San Antonio, and a commercial office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. BioComp was launched by Mission in February 2009 to offer generic products sourced through a variety of avenues: authorized generic opportunities, externally-sourced generics, and an internal R&D program. The company works with a variety of partners to distribute its’ products to the people who need them most: the patient.

In addition to the development and sourcing of its own generic pharmaceutical products, BioComp also offers a range of services that can successfully bring other generic pharmaceuticals to market. These commercialization offerings include labeling, packaging, warehousing and distribution. Moreover, the firm maintains business side services that include accounting, sales, and electronic data interchange capabilities. These service offerings are available to clients in the form of a comprehensive turnkey solution or as a la carte options.