Terrell Herring and His Hero Stonewall Jackson: Leading by Example

Terrell Herring is well known in the pharmaceutical industry for creating innovative leadership programs and tools. When asked, Herring states he was influenced by his hero, Stonewall Jackson. Considered by military historians to be one of the most gifted commanders of the Confederacy, Jackson led the South during the American Civil War until his death in 1863. One example of his leadership and bravery is his Valley Campaign, where he and 17,000 of his men marched 646 miles through Shenandoah Valley in 48 days. They won minor battles as well as halted the Union army from defeating Richmond.

Terrell Herring wrote his first novel in 2007, entitled Marching Orders for Leadership Success: Inspired by My Hero Stonewall Jackson. Like his hero, Herring believes in leading by example. A personal line from Jackson’s personal diary that inspires Herring is “You may be whatever you resolve to be.”