Terrell Herring on the Positive Mental Health Impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters

In his work as a pharmaceutical executive and in his private life, Mission Pharmacal President Terrell Herring works to advance children’s health and ensure that all young people have the healthy start they deserve. Since 1993, Herring has been proud to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization that shares these lofty goals.

For more than a century, Big Brothers Big Sisters has paired at-risk girls and boys with adult mentors in their communities. The group is the nation’s largest volunteer mentorship network, and it is active in many foreign countries, as well. By nurturing strong, caring relationships with their little “brothers” and “sisters,” the organization’s mentors offer both practical advice and role modeling for a well-adjusted adult life.

Various researchers have documented Big Brothers Big Sisters’ positive impact on the health of its participants. The group has found that its young participants in the United States are 52 percent less likely to skip school than nonparticipants. In addition, health economics researchers in Australia have found that by discouraging unhealthy, high-risk behaviors and helping to address children’s psychological problems, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program “represents a highly cost-effective use of public health or welfare resources.” Through the work of supporters like Terrell Herring, Big Brothers Big Sisters can continue to contribute to healthier communities while increasing opportunities for children at risk.